Emergency Course

Introduction to Emergency Care for Rabbits

This course is designed to give you the knowledge of what to expect, look for, and what you can do to help your bunny without making it worse until you get to a rabbit savvy vet, or at least an emergency vet

Kindly note that non-savvy vets may try and treat your bunny like a cat, so do remember to always say in a non-offensive way that they may not get oral penicillin, corticosteroids, or cortisone in any way. This is very important, and there is a range of vets that can be contacted to assist with medication if they are unsure.

Let’s talk about vets. I have found normal vets that have treated rabbits with a lot more compassion and were not too egotistical and proud to learn more and ask for advice. I have found some rabbit-savvy vets that do not care anything but for the thickness of their wallets. And I have found “exotic vets” that knew less about rabbits than a farming vet. Find a vet that has compassion for your bunnies, and that will be prepared to phone another vet should they need help. I am thus referring to a Rabbit Caring Vet from now on.

In each Module, the objective is to teach you how to identify the situation, how to react, and what to do to immediately save or stabilize your bunny until you can get him to the Vet. We do know that many people do not have a Rabbit Caring vet around, or even a 24 hr vet. People who think that everyone is living in the exact same towns where they do have the vets on close hand are entitled and have never struggled to save a bunny in need with no assistance.

The biggest objective in each of these situations is to remain calm.
Said that I know that being calm is also just possible if you know what is happening, and what to do in order to assist.

The moment you know what to expect, or how it works, you will be able to focus on your furry child in a positive way; thus not feeling overwhelmed.
People that have a slight medical background may find it easier to understand, but we will try to explain it as well as possible.

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