Virtually Adopt a Bunny


Virtually adopt a bunny or bunnies!

Click the image to view them all.

Then, send us a message with YOUR name, e-mail or whatsapp, and the name(s) of the bunny(ies) you adopted for the month!



When you adopt one of our special bunnies virtually, you get to be part of their life if you choose!

Not all our bunnies will ever be able to get homes, yet we want to give them a better chance to be spoilt, to get an extra sense that they did leave a bubble of love somewhere in someone else’s heart too!

If you choose, you will get health updates, a video and photos every week, and a digital certificate to say thank you!

Give one of our very special bunnies a special treat by adopting them virtually, and give them the chance to enrich your heart through this experience!

Choose how many bunnies you want to virtually adopt or sponsor, and the name. Click on “add to cart”, and go check out your cart.  Please remember to add the name / names of the bunnies in the “add Note” part of the checkout form.    If you are sponsoring from International and cannot use Payfast from the country you are, please use the Paypal link on our Home Page, and send us a note