We are a Right-to-life Centre, meaning we do not have bunnies die because of space or if they are not adopted fast enough.   

We are however very conscious of the Quality of Life and do not allow any suffering.   We constantly have contact and appointments with our vets,  Our Specialist, Dr Susi of Eden Small Animal Hospital in George,  and our trusted vets,  Dr Henk and Dr Joané of Dana Bay Vets.  We also confer with Dr Tina in Riversdale.

We do not terminate pregnancies  in the final week of their term, because of 2 reasons, we have moral aesthetic in believing these babies already have souls, as well as the fact that we have seen the despair and depression as well as behavioral issues the moms had that undergoes this.  We do terminate if there is imminent danger to the mom, or in pregnancies where there is medical factors involved.

Having our bunnies cared for is very important, and we have learned a LOT these past years.

We have Inside Bunnies, with supervised Outside Playtime.  It is very important that these bunnies feel what a proper home would be, a home where they are loved and treated like children and companions.   We are fully against the old “belief” that bunnies are lawn and street ornaments with no feelings or emotional needs.  

We feel that love and proper care is much more important than anything else.  

Our Bunnies goes outside in groups since just after the daybreak feeding, as we have different areas.   They are always supervised.  At about 10h00 or 11h00, depending on weather they come in for siesta and feeding.

In the afternoon, depending on weather, certain groups goes outside again, while others have inside Playtime and physio.   It is important to now that 90% of the bunnies in the Haven is special needs, and does not function and react as normal healthy bunnies does.

Litterboxes are cleaned daily.  Just about all our bunnies are trained to use their litterboxes.  Some have litterboxes that was adjusted for them to use.   Their pens always have to be arranged the same.  Even the same size of cardboard box is used to replace the old ones, as not to confuse the blind bunnies. 

We feed 5 times per day, to ensure that there are no issues.  The Special needs work different than normal sensed bunnies, so we have to keep a very close eye.  2 sessions of treats are included in this feeding.

Medications for those under treatment is very carefully given in routine.  We do have bunnies on chronic medication, eg for seizures.

We  have different sections in our operation, 

  1.  The Disabled and Special Needs Sections where we take utmost care to love and protect the bunnies that have pain-free lives even though they may have medical or bodily issues,
  2. The Rescue Section where we have feral rescues, we usually are catching them colony for colony,  At this stage our operations are still going, but we esp a very close eye on the spread of RHDV
  3. The Quarantine Section  is where all new bunnies go into until we are very sure they do not have any transferable diseases,
  4. The Rehabilitation section, where  healthy bunnies are kept after quarantine to ensure they  function properly and have social skills before their adoptions.